Autumn is here!

The wonderful British summer is well and truly over, and now is the perfect time to ensure your plumbing and heating is all in order and working efficiently before the cold weather kicks in for good!

We’ve put together our top tips for Autumn to ensure that your home is running efficiently, hopefully avoiding any big spikes in energy bills. 

  1. Be prepared: Our winters can be quite unpredictable – if you have a gas boiler, you’ll want it to be working properly! Make sure to book an appointment for your boiler to be serviced, so you can rest assured that it is running efficiently.
  2. In with the new: If your gas boiler is old and inefficient, consider replacing it with a newer equivalent. Another alternative would be to upgrade to an electric boiler or heat pump.
  3. Get one step ahead: Last winter there was a major shortage of boilers from well-known brands. If you are thinking about replacing your boiler, now would be a good time to do so – before it becomes an urgent necessity.
  4. Check your radiator valves: Check all of your radiator valves to make sure they are working properly. This makes the system more efficient and ensures that empty, unused rooms aren’t being heated unnecessarily. Also check that all room thermostats are working correctly.
  5. Central Heating Power-Flush: Consider having a power-flush done to your central heating system. This will get rid of any sludge and make sure that your radiators are heating all the way through, improving their heating efficiency.

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