Top 5 Water Saving Hacks

According to the WWF: due to rising temperatures from global warming, heatwaves in the UK are becoming more frequent. As a result, we are experiencing more drought which contributes to water shortages.

As well as helping to supply the water we use, our lakes, rivers and wetlands provide homes for thousands of precious species – and just like us, they all need water to survive.

Here in the UK, 70% of our water supply comes from surface water, meaning that the water we use in our daily lives is directly from natural freshwater sources.

Governments and water companies can make the most significant difference in the way that our freshwater is used, but reducing your household water footprint is a great way to make an impact as an individual.

Please take a look at our top 5 tips to save water and start making a difference.

Fix leaky loos. Leaky toilets are one of the most common causes of unexpected high water use for consumers in the UK. A leaky loo wastes between 200 and 400 litres of water per day – that’s a jaw-dropping 72,000 to 146,000 litres of water wasted every year – from just one leaking toilet.

Fit low-flow aerators on your taps and showers

The Energy Saving Trust suggests that spending one minute less in the shower each day could save £10 off your energy bills each year.

When you brush your teeth, instead of leaving the tap running, why not fill a small reusable cup with water to rinse your mouth with?

Check your taps for any leaks under the sink, or for any drips when the tap is fully off.

Lots of people use bathwater to water their gardens. Please remember this is dirty water and should be used immediately, and never on fruit/ veg or near children.